News Good quality and excellent service What is the cut-proof index of the climbing rope? Sharp edges can have fatal consequences for the horizontal cutting of the rope. The rope can be easily cut with a sharp object when the rope is loaded. In UIAA's standard cut-proof test, an 80 kg weight was required to fall from a height of 5 meters, and the rope was cut into a laterally placed sharp object edge with a radius of 5 mm. In the first such experiment, the rope could not be damaged. This will pass the cut prevention index test. Different brands of climbing ropes have different cutting index. For example, the EDEIWEISS ropes produced in Austria can withstand up to 6-7 tests. Some models of EDELWEISS climbing ropes can even withstand sharp edge cutting experiments with a radius of 0.75MM. In most cases, most other climbing ropes were cut.

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