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Our Combination Rope

1.The company introduction:

The main product of Jiangyin G-Well Trade Co., Ltd. is combination rope. We have our own factory which is more than 2000 squares with 20 professional technicians. Our factory has obtained ISO9001 Quality Certification System. Our factory has strict production management and quality control management. After several years of development, the high quality has been recognized by customers around the world, especially the combination rope.

2.The steel wire rope inside our combination rope:

Our combination rope contains wire rope. Steel wire rope is widely used and can bear great load. The steel wire rope is not only used for lifting, driving and other loads, but also can be used for binding, hanging heavy objects, etc. The steel wire rope is constantly rubbing with the outside world, and often work in damp and dusty conditions, in the work by bending, stretching and torsion. Therefore, friction should occur between the wire rope and the wire rope, which makes the wire rope wear. Wire rope lubrication can reduce wear, prevent corrosion, so in the manufacture of the use of lubricating oil wetted. But in the use of the wire rope, the lubricating oil is squeezed from the hemp core to the surface and lost part, so must regularly lubricate and infiltrate.

3.Type of the steel wire rope:

Our combination rope materials are all new materials, which can meet a variety of customer requirements. There are many types of wire ropes in our combination ropes. The characteristics are as follows:
1. Smooth wire rope, short service life, sharply reduced market demand.
2. Galvanized wire rope, including hot dip galvanizing and electric galvanizing, generally hot dip galvanizing zinc layer thick, electric galvanizing zinc layer thin.
3. Stainless steel wire rope, mainly 304 or 316 stainless steel, has excellent anti-corrosion effect but high price.
4. Coated plastic wire rope, carbon wire rope base, the outer layer coated with polyethylene, polypropylene or nylon.

We generally use hot dip galvanized wire rope, hot dip galvanized plastic wire rope and stainless wire rope. Stainless steel wire rope corrosion resistance is better but expensive, the use of hot dip galvanized steel wire rope is more economical.

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