News Good quality and excellent service What is the production process of the safety net? The construction safety net is a labor-intensive industrial product, and the production process needs to go through several processes to complete.

1. The first is to purchase raw materials, the choice of raw plastic granules high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the finished products are mainly for the inspection of special dense mesh, and the recycled materials are generally good for mineral water bottle caps, and then the machine Milled, granulated.

2. Then it is drawing or weaving. This process is very important. The production process needs to control the cooling water temperature. The thickness, color and flexibility of the produced plastic wire determine the quality of the finished product. Next is the weaving net. The mesh mesh weaving machine usually used is 2 meters and 4 meters wide. In this production process, the weaving process also determines the quality of the finished product. Mainly to control the woven structure and weaving density of the dense mesh, usually the mesh density: ≥800 mesh / 100cm2 or more.

3. Next, sewing the sewing machine, first cut the woven tubular mesh, usually 6.2m to 6.5m, so that the length can be about 6m after sewing. When sewing, wrap the rope near the edge of the mesh and then drive together. The weight of the rope is adapted to the mesh and should not be light or too heavy. Sew 2 times around the edge of the mesh to ensure a secure and qualified product.

4. After the seam is finished, it is a nail, a metal ring, which is used to hang the dense mesh to facilitate the rope to pass through, usually playing more than 20 to 30 holes. Machines are now widely used. Finally, the good mesh net is folded and packaged, and it can be shipped out and sold.

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