News Good quality and excellent service Why does the amusement industry want to go online? I. what kind of industry is the amusement industry?
Amusement industry is an industry that focuses on the production and operation of games and entertainment equipment, and provides the public with diversified and multi-scene experience of amusement consumption. With the growth of commercial real estate, the opening of the national two-child policy and the change of people's consumption psychology, entertainment consumption is indispensable, and the future prospect of the industry is infinite.
2. Why should the amusement industry switch to online?
1. Industry development needs. Our industry is at the low point of the business cycle and we believe that the industry will continue to develop in the future. If the industry wants to develop continuously, it cannot do without new channels and new directions. The new online entrance can better support the new development of the industry.
2. Urgent traffic demand of the industry. Offline traffic is limited, online traffic search is imminent, find channels, reduce customer acquisition cost, always the direction of industry search.
3. The industry is going global. Industry internationalization, access to more global exposure, is the focus of the future industry. And the Internet is the lowest cost, one of the most effective way to promote. How to let the industry go further, online is the only way.
4. Improvement of online transaction credit system. In the past, the industry chose offline to facilitate the transaction of products. Since the development of the Internet, online platforms also have a good credit system and guarantee system. Online transactions of large products have emerged in an endless stream, and online transactions are recognized by the public netizens. The improvement of online credit system has also promoted the online transaction rate and laid a foundation for the amusement industry to turn online.
5. O2O. Offline store display, online drainage, online become the entrance of decision-making, get better transformation; At the same time, consumers can feed back the shopping experience online and guide other consumers to make decisions. Through combing and analyzing buyers' feedback, the online platform can achieve better interaction, guide the retention and repurchase, and form a more complete online sales system.
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