News Good quality and excellent service What are the knotting methods for climbing ropes? First, I will introduce a method that is usually used. This is a method of dividing the rope into left and right sides and binding the rope without creating a knot. When dividing the rope, the length of one time is equal to the distance between the two hands. If it is too short, the tied rope may become too large. When tied, if one hand can't cope, it can also be placed on the wrist.

Knotting method for several kinds of climbing ropes

1.Backed-up Square knot Half knot plus double fishing knot. This method is an option for connecting two ropes because it is easier to unravel after being subjected to weight.

2.Double fisherman's knot. It is most suitable for connecting a rope or a normally placed (not often untied) rope because it is more difficult to unravel after being subjected to weight.

3.Clove hitch double knot. It is easy to knot and adjust, it is very suitable for the erection of fixed points.

4. Garga knot dragging knot. A knot that restricts the rope from moving in a single direction. It is suitable for towing objects that are not too heavy (such as when the rope team climbs; it can be used to haul your own backpack), especially no one can help you. When dragging.

5.Munter hitch Italian half knot. This knot can be used to make sure, especially if you lose the equipment or not equipped, don't use the Italian half knot to drop, otherwise the rope is easy to entangle. Italian half knot + a rope ring (runner) + a large mouth with a lock hook ring, is equivalent to a simple sling and descender, is a must-have equipment for climbers every time they climb, sometimes you can prepare yourself, sometimes Can help others.

6. Butterfly knot Bow. A good knot, often used in the center of the rope, used to cross the glaciers.

7.Overhand bend water knot.

Hit the main rope. Although it is also known as the European knot, there are many climbers who like to use it to connect two descending ropes, because it does not stick like other knots when it is stressed, but it must be left after the knot is broken. The rope head around the cent.

Hit on the sling. The water knot is difficult to unravel once it is stressed on the sling, so it is often used on a runner that does not need to be unwrapped.

8. Slingle Bowling is called a knot (Bulin knot). Known as the knot, it is said that the knot is often hit on the safety sling. The simple knot is not practical. It must be added with a single knot. Calling a knot must learn how to send, send, and close your eyes.

9. Stopper knot. The knot is actually a half-three fisherman knot. It is often hit at the end of the rope to prevent the rope team from falling and accidents. The knot is usually stuck in the lowering device, except for the 8-word ring.

10. Figure-8 knot Eight-character loop. The knot is commonly used on the connecting sling.

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