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Materialno.60 steel Applicationmetallurgy, mining, bridge, oil and gas drilling, machinery, chemical industry, aerospace and other fields.
Application 1. General purpose steel wire rope (including galvanized steel strand) : used in various fields
2, elevator wire rope: used for high-rise buildings in the people in the object of the elevator equipment, the requirements of tight structure, soft, small structural elongation, usually use 8-strand structure.
3, aviation wire rope: used for aircraft navigation cable or pilot cable, requires a high fatigue performance and corrosion resistance.
4, oil wire rope: strong bearing force, corrosion resistance
5. Wire rope for aerial ropeway and cable car: it is used for air transportation track, and the cable car is used as the transportation tool. The wire rope is required to have greater safety factor, corrosion resistance and smooth surface of the wire rope
6, the reuse of wire rope: wire rope is required to have high tensile strength, good soft performance, no rotation resistance to distortion fatigue, not loose.
7, fishing wire rope: used for trawling, fixing, winding, etc., all in rivers, lakes, seawater environment, corrosion resistance, good soft performance.
8. Mine hoisting wire rope:
9. Wire rope for rubber belt:
10. Wire rope for balance:
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